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Multiplayer 3D-cartoon table tennis game. Players can choose their own avatar and compete with people from all over the world. The game comes with social features such as voice chat, avatars, gestures, expressions and statistics. Are you ready? Multiplayer strategy game designed for lovers of strategy style like Clash Of Clans or Travian.

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Located in the prehistoric era that develops in our village and its inhabitants collecting resources and gaining experience through combat, either exploring the map offline or assaulting the villages of other players online. The management of resources and characters and the approach of battles are crucial for the development of our adventure. Evolve, conquer and survive in the most difficult time that humanity has faced. Science fiction project in development to be distributed in television, comic, and VR game. Its universe revolves around the television show, of which the comic is a prequel and the VR game a first-person experience.

The characters and story are set in a future time two centuries ahead and in a strip of desert land known as Kafke. Proyecto transmedia ambientado en el planeta Ark. Transmedia project set on the planet Ark.

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A world full of adventure, action, fantasy with a bit of punk. Defined by a comic books saga and an RPG transformed into an app. In Ark, dozens of fantasy races coexist inside of modern walled cities in a tense calm, to survive in a wild and dangerous world. But there is an even greater threat, the Eckos, immortal spirits treated as natural disasters with their own will. Only a handful of chosen people are able to face them. Classic survival horror oriented to puzzle solving and exploration.

Inspired by a real Spanish town. Aunque el usuario no pueda intervenir en la historia, puede explorar sus muchas facetas escuchando las conversaciones de otros personajes y buscando los secretos de la propia casa. In this VR-experience, eight characters are invited to the house of Nikola Tesla and are confronted with a shocking discovery: the host is dead, and everything suggests that a murder has taken place. Narrative and gameplay are in perfect synergy in The Invisible Hours, and one is not possible without the other. It is by listening to the conversations of the characters that the user finds out that he is not just an observer and can, in fact, perform certain actions in the house.

Kofi es un personaje de un videojuego RPG. Kofi is a character in an RPG video game. Kofi goes to his instructor for help, and the latter gifts him a summoning skill to encourage him to advance in the game.

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In an isolated and unknown place during a war, a child is forced to flee with his family. Of 6 with ganglionic extension, three had residual deficit. Along their trip they will live all kind of strange, puzzling, wonderful adventures, in all kinds of situations and contexts, while a harsher reality looms beneath the veil of the adventure. A letter published in a newspaper serves as a narrative thread of the process of overcoming a terrible loss. We have shown previously that amblyopia involves impaired detection of asynchrony between auditory and visual events. All horses undergoing temporal citas con chicas alpera CT at our citas con chicas alpera between July and May The results rely on the assumptions that the temporal dimensions are interdependent and ordered. Surpass the obstacles on each horizontal level by choosing the angle of your bouncing with a single button, without going back or falling into traps. Por olro lado Rujua, come, factor ncgnlin tat He Ili Republica v lue log han hnbido dos pecitiehos periods del ptieifln. Los preclos del con el. Inspired by a real Spanish town. Pbi-a tRepi c o de l teata. We performed debridement of the diseased area on January 19, We first survey all previously proposed temporal join operators. Decide el dia 29 de no- F al n e"abo Pero wade por radio.

Will this be the start of an endless stream of pointless games or the beginning of a great adventure? Y con los movimientos que aprendieron de cintas de karate. Feature animated documentary about 13 handpicked youngsters who formed the first ever SWAT-like squad in , just months after Lithuania, a former Soviet satellite, declared its independence. Without a proper training but with extreme courage and patriotism they were willing to stop Soviet tanks with their bare hands.

And with the spins they learned from karate VHS movies. The game is an interactive experience that helps lead The L-Team on the mission. The app will use the exercises from original L-Team workout and use animated character of the mayor to motivate you to work out.

Transmedia project that runs through three different platforms that together introduces kids 5 to 7 years old into the art world. The graphic adventure of Bombilla involves the users in a mysterious story to awaken their curiosity and widen their knowledge to become a master painter.

Brain and Eye is a transgressor cartoon series intended for the pure entertainment experience, against beauty standars, treating multigender issues and breaking up with the establishment. With a punk profile we go deep into the transgression. GaraBato is a series of editorial booklets that covers the traditional way of creation. Viajan en el tiempo con la Pad of Time y encuentran tesoros para su museo.

A unique universe where 3 brothers want to rise the Museum of Time. They travel in time with the pad of time and find treasures for their museum. PicoPico, Pu y Mu son amigos, pero amigos de verdad. PicoPico, Pu and Mu are the best of friends. They love counting waves at the seashore, they love games and jokes and to read and learn about adventures.

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The sea is the starting point to the discovery of thousands of fun far places and to solve great mysteries. The Game Zone World is full of real and invented fantastic creatures, all to be discovered. Medieval fantasy universe, based on a story of my own. Born in , it targets all audiences, but starting with children five years old and up and their parents, mostly not geeks. In addition, it aims to educate by gamification, boys and girls equally, offering a sandbox of our world, making reality easier to learn.

From digital to analogical products, merging both media, our experience has shown that children still enjoy tales, playing with others children or sharing time with their parents. Crakonia is a nation erased from the map but never from the proud and elder crakonian hearts. Due to a deficit of young population, there are only two representatives to qualify to the Olympics: Crako and Koshan, two friends without any athletic skill.

They live supernatural adventures in their challenge to win the Olympics and revive the olympic glory of their nation and reappear in the world map. Animated series which, through its skits and episode, for the most part auto-conclusive, shows a satirical view of modern society while experimenting with various different visual styles.

En un barrio obrero, atemorizado por los traficantes, Omara, Hammer y Rush no miran para otro lado. Ellas, unidas, se enfrentan a los peligros diarios de drogas, delincuencia y sobornos. In a working-class neighborhood, terrified by the traffickers, Omara, Hammer and Rush do not look the other way. They face the daily dangers of drugs, delinquency and bribes. A drama with characters of unshakable spirit. A frenzied story of action, where characters always lose in the way of violence.

The risky situations will reflect the deterioration of the spirit, but also, the humanity, the feelings and one of the greatest strengths of the human being: community. Axel and his girlfriend Vanesa plunge into the depths to find treasures on a ship, but find something more incredible than they have ever seen: the tooth of a megalodon with a terrifying and surprising power. Graims es un gato de caricatura enamorado de un hombre de verdad. Trabaja como publicista de personajes animados y tiene que pasar por situaciones comunes y no tan comunes junto a Calvin, Daisy y su novio Mickey.

Sin saberlo, termina trabajando para el Dr.

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Graims is a cartoon cat in love with a real man. She works as a publicist of animated characters and has to go through common and not so common situations with Calvin, Daisy and his boyfriend Mickey.

Ten years ago Jim lost his father in the intergalactic train station, during Dr. Now he is back in Capital Planet with a plan: learning in Cosmic Pizza to make the weirdest pizzas in the galaxy. Unsuspectingly, Jim ends up working for Dr. Quantum, now undercovered as Uncle Quantum, and with a secret plan. Jim becomes a deliveryman and a cook assistant along with Ivi, his female robot partner, while at the same time he tries to find his father exploring the most unexpected places and characters going where no pizza has gone before. Serie animada de humor negro que presenta las vivencias de la familia Keloide; principalmente Kafkiano y su hijo Kike.

Black humor sitcom based on the Keloides family experiences; mainly Kafkiano and his son Kike. The cartoon aims to satirize the vices of our culture through exaggerated situations where the inability of our characters to solve everyday problems confronts them with surrealistic and decontextualized solutions. In an old house located in the middle of the forest, Brujilda, an evil sorceress, lives together with her accomplices, Zago, the Weeping Woman and Kovy.

They are in charge of attracting victims to be able to eat them.

Tomy, a clever and mischievous boy, comes deceived to this place, where he lives with the monster family. They behave kindly with him to keep him occupied because Brujilda prepares dinner, where the child will be the main course. David y Ester comparten cientos de aventuras. David, tiene que enfrentarse a osos, leones y otros peligros para cuidar a las ovejas de su padre; Ester por su parte, vive como extranjera en Babilonia, un lugar hostil donde usa su gracia y belleza para ayudar a su pueblo. David and Esther share hundreds of adventures.

A bull called Torito, a chick that does not fear death, a bat called Dark Stain that will tell us a fable about a turtle and a scorpion called Earth and Humanity respectively, two bulls known as El Torete and El Vaquilla, a piglet who does not like Christmas and an irresistible avocado. Oh, and I, Niko, also appear explaining what this is all about in a simple, direct and humorous way. Many things we do not know about bulls, the egg industry, Christmas, ecology or the origins and qualities of the wonderful avocado.